Craig Stevens
Owner, Landscape Architect


Owner Craig Stevens has been designing and building sustainable landscaping projects for over 35years. A Landscape Architecture graduate specializing in design. Awarded by the American Society of Landscape Architects, whose work has been published and photographed in New England,

He moved here to the valley 17 years ago and started his current landscaping business shortly after moving here. Affiliated with many non-profits in the valley, most notably the Northampton Center for the Arts, sponsoring and producing many many events there and supporting numerous local events and activities.

Being in recovery himself for the past 17 years, his company’s community ethos is to help those in recovery to have a safe and substance-free workplace to thrive and help on their journey to participate fully back into their communities.

The company focuses on appropriate designs for each client and organic landcare practices. From the smallest installation to large earth moving ones, LandScapes designs each site as a reflection of it’s surroundings and individuals use and interests. While utilizing local materials and plant materials indigenous and/or complementary.